How Ethics Education Is Taught

The quality of life is dependent on the quality of the concerned individuals. Quality determines what you become in the future. It dictates how ethical or good a person is. How do you become a morally upright person? The teaching or moral values can be traced back to the ancient times. These values were even taught in the biblical times.

Moral values are taught the same way Mathematics and Science are taught. It is done by providing knowledge about what is good or bad. There are two kinds or forms of intelligence –emotional and regular. Both of these are based on different rules governing the education sector. Emotional intelligence education deals with altering the physical infrastructure of your brain. It starts from the time a baby is growing and developing in the womb.oihguycuvhmbjklnm

Emotional intelligence is then continued through kisses and hugs and the environment in which the child is nurtured. The right characteristics attained at the age of six years are likely to determine the rest of your life. This means that moral education, even though we are already living in the so-called digital world, should be instilled to an individual right from his childhood.



Every community has the set morals which everyone is expected to follow. Billions of dollars are spent while containing and preventing crime, but nothing changes. However, the rate of crime can be reduced by altering the physical quality which is generated by your brain.

It is this moral quality that shapes an individual. This means that moral education is not just a matter of teaching what is right or wrong but it involves creating and developing the proper moral infrastructure generated by the brain.

The human is categorized in four distinct levels which are:

Premature brain

Individuals at this level are said to have the same moral values as a snake. According to them, their mind is everything, but people sees nothing in them. They consider themselves as being above the law. Any given moral education can not change such individuals. In fact, their brain is considered to be
morally gone or rotten.

Immature brainuguifolfglgfgvugf

Individuals in this group are corrupt in nature. They feel that they deserve the best. The current ethics education can not change them. They have the highest degree of selfishness. This kind of the brain infrastructure needs to be changed.

Mature brain

Individuals in this group consider themselves as being the best. It is very easy to change such group of people. This kind of trophy self-image needs to be changed and replace it with the selfless self.

Super mature brain

People in this level possess a selfless image. Those individuals who are in this group do not require any moral education.